Wednesday, October 6, 2010

huge solo show at the Humane Society...

the first time the artdogs are in public!!! i had lots of feedback but didn't sell any. and i even bid on my cardinal dog to keep him, so i paid 27.50 right after finishing him for the show. i want to submit them to an artdoll magazine and maybe hit the radar through that outlet for their quality and craft.

i watched a woman reading this story about a dog to five young children. this is exactly what i had planned for this artwork which were not for sale. i want the pieces to be educational and to open a dialogue.

i sold 4 12x12 prints and one 10x10 print!! $75% went to the Humane Society!!! this was great since they are Humane Society animals!

the show was overall a big success for this town. we made $402 for the shelter and i made $151 so i think it was well worth it. we had about 100 people show up which was not as many as i wanted to see. :( but i can say there were a lot of other things to do that night and we were outside of town. the shelter didn't have to pay for anything which was a bonus, we got all things donated or we paid for them ourselves between a few of us who got behind this show... we plan to get the art students at the high schools involved next show. parents and family of kids will come out in droves!!!! and hopefully have checkbooks out and ready. :)