Monday, April 12, 2010

random rockets...

on a story for the dreaded budget cuts. my third that week, i was going out of my mind. i came across this tric and played with it since the gym was empty where the meeting was gonna be.

who doesn't like a water tower shot? you don't! well suffer anyway dingdong. cause i like em! and i have plenty, seems every small town has a couple!

rocket at the carnie! why yes, i am the clown!

a FABULOUS laundry mat. i was two hours away doing a school budget cut story (same week as above shot of the tric) and on my way back to the station i came across this laundry mat. i spun a pretty quick u-turn and took about fifty photos in various filters, films, positions.... i LOVED this laundry!


  1. Like the water tower look, almost like something in one of those horror films i think.

    LOL the mysterious rocket...and her rubber duckies

  2. Awesome, as always! I think the laundromat one is my fav here.

  3. Dragon, i love that title,
    "the mysterious rocket...and her rubber duckies"

    Jen, :) thanks blondie

  4. just like dilapidated barns, you say water tower and i'm right there....there's one i pass going into the city that has got to be the best one too...we are cracked.