Wednesday, July 21, 2010

donate to this charity!!!

i encourage ALL artists to make a piece of art for it is such a great cause and the woman running the shelter/rescue does wonders with little money. donations of artwork would go a long way for the dogs she takes care of!

anyone who knows me knows i fight for the fair treatment of all animals. crap our poor intern at work had no idea what he was asking for when i saw him about to squash a random bug OUTSIDE during one of our stories recently... i was like 'What the hell are you doing?" as i see him getting ready to mush it...and he says, "killin a bug" to which i threatened him a long walk the hour back to the station if he remotely followed through with his intentions. WTF? he was outside -in the bugs space? (ok so i am not perfect, i do kill Brown Recluse spiders which we have an abundance of in our house this season. grrrr)

i have been feeling very creative lately and just made these two fiber pieces this weekend. i felt recharged mentally hammering rusty nails into fabric -to the ground. i have zero idea what i am doing with these fiber pieces but it makes me healthy again. to make art is very therapeutic, so that is why i encourage you to donate a piece of art to the above link. it will help you AND the dogs.

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