Thursday, April 22, 2010

making art...

this has been edited ....!
all of these actually have been.
i've taken all of these with my iphone
photographed around me during work
or when i see something i like while just hanging out.
i have added photos together,
added effects to them,
i am addicted to photography
and think i may need an intervention.
ALSO- not blogging much cause i have
been making other types of art like crazy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

random rockets...

on a story for the dreaded budget cuts. my third that week, i was going out of my mind. i came across this tric and played with it since the gym was empty where the meeting was gonna be.

who doesn't like a water tower shot? you don't! well suffer anyway dingdong. cause i like em! and i have plenty, seems every small town has a couple!

rocket at the carnie! why yes, i am the clown!

a FABULOUS laundry mat. i was two hours away doing a school budget cut story (same week as above shot of the tric) and on my way back to the station i came across this laundry mat. i spun a pretty quick u-turn and took about fifty photos in various filters, films, positions.... i LOVED this laundry!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

meet: TEAM rocket...

i did it,
i entered the 48hour film festival.
i was asked to be a part of a great group but i decided to do one on my own.
i realized last fall i like to work on my own. if i have a vision i want to plan and execute it myself.

i also think it would be a serious challenge.
my BFA degree artsy fartsy self is ready, maybe...

the categories are;
you pull one of these out of a hat,

  • Buddy Film
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Film de Femme
  • Film Noir
  • Horror
  • Mockumentary
  • Musical or Western
  • Road Movie
  • Romance
  • Sci Fi
  • Silent Film
  • Thriller/Suspense

  • OR if you like you can try for a redo by selecting one of the wild cards, problem is if you do pull one of the wild cards you have to do that wild card. you can't go back to the regular one you picked first.

    2010 Wild Card Genres

    • Adventure Serial
    • Dark Comedy
    • Foreign Film
    • Heist
    • Historical Fiction/Period Piece
    • Mystery
    • Surprise Ending
    • Time Travel Movie or Doppelganger Movie
    WHAT WOULD YOU WANT???? i am totally at a loss for what i want. this might be a good thing since it will leave me open for anything. i still have to google a couple since i don't even know what they are... i kinda think the mokumentary would be GREAT fun! i can't wait for june!!! bring it! i may shoot the entire thing on my iphone... since alas i have no camcorder... but that may make things fun.