Sunday, May 23, 2010

Score one for the starving artist

So whatever was put into my head about art fairs was completely abolished yesterday. I had an amazing time, made some AWSOME money, and met really cool people. Not one buthead. It didn't have the air of a gallery. It's like comparing apples and oranges. The variety I had was impressive and people bought from all types of art that I do. This also tells me the "painter" "sculpture" BOX most artists put themselves into isn't me, I do it all! I'm an artist and I sold over 40+ pieces of art. (I should have kept a tally?) I sold to all types of cool people and love the fact that my art will hang on their walls! One woman is even sending a collage to her sister (an engineer) to Harlem, NY. Umm yeah my bucket list is to show in NY, and in a twisted sort of way this kinda maybe counts!! At least in my twisted head. :) I have been invited to two other art fairs and think I will look into them in a serious way! Who knows that "right person " might see my art and I may get into a "big city" gallery! Heck yeah.

And on a side note the side business I want to start was tested yesterday and came to be a huge success. So I think I will continue with my website building and marketing for it... Maybe I can end up on oprah like the crock people did!


  1. I'd watch you on Oprah...

    Love you big time. Don't forget the little people when you become a HUGE success...LOL See you in a few days!!

  2. I want to say I believe in ya. I am happy it went well for you :)

  3. HA!

    now you got the right tude!

  4. AMAZING!! Congratulations! I might need to get in on purchasing some art before you go and get all big and city girl on me and I can't afford it anymore!! :)

  5. Thats great! Glad it went really well for you! Congrats!

  6. I'm just catching up now. I'm unable to comment from work because of the way your comments section is set up. So since I'm home, I want to say congrats on the turn out at the art show! Your work is awesome so I wouldn't have expected otherwise. :)

    P.S. This is 2momswithaplan from my NEW blog. Stop by and say hi sometimes... it's NEW and SPARKLEY. ;)