Wednesday, June 23, 2010

DerbyDog... and ?

this is a pooldog,,,, not sure if he is keeping this name or if i can come up with something more creative. he isn't finished so i have plenty of time to let it come to me. i like his floaties and ring! i am also excited about his flipflops.

DerbyDog, she is finished, complete with skates, helmet and safety pads!


  1. Love them! Now did you do the crocheting on Derby Dog's skirt? Love her helmet!

  2. I'm loving me these dogs!! Have you thought about putting a face on them?

    Miss you mucho, my friend!!

  3. small town- i have no idea.. a price hasn't jumped out at me yet? i think over $200 just because of the amount of time and work, plus they are super one-of-a-kind... ? what do you think?

    Jude- me CROwhat? hell no woman! totally cut up a doily! i am to impatient to learn to crochet!

    AMES! thought about a face but then didn't want that to detract from the rest... and eyes are a huge thing for me. if i can't get them right i don't bother... hugs.

  4. PS, ames- note my silly bands i still have yet to take off!! in the photo at top....