Sunday, June 20, 2010

the rocket has landed...

gone, that's where i have been.
on multiple levels.
vacation to the white sandy beaches of florida.
big time 48hr film festival, by myself & sick.
month long infection of sinus/lungs.
many dr. visits with a recent ER trip in there.
allergic reaction to a second antibiotic.
house arrest from dr for 4 days due to my allergic reaction?!
who'da thought the sun was the cause of the reaction?
stress from two of my special needs dogs needing extra, extra, extra

you may think this is a complaint post, but alas...
i have pulled through, still breath and had an enormous breakthrough in my art


i think i have my niche. a "thing"
i can grow this from a love of animals (dogs)
and possibly make other people happy as well. (&make my wife a million dollars) ;)

ArtDogs ---that is what i am calling them.

three of these ArtDogs have "come about", pouring out of my imagination which at times i can't seem to shut off. i have taken to carrying around a little pocket sized blank book to write all this insanity into. i dream about things and write them down, a color, a shape. my mind just won't stop spinning from all of these ideas. i can build things in my mind before i actually build them in the real world. crazy i know...a form of problem solving with-out the screw-ups. (usually) :) i have sooo many more of these dogs ready to be made...

everything i have made has brought me to these ArtDogs and i am more excited about these than anything i have created thus far. and people you have no idea the amount of art i have created. this photo isn't the greatest and the girl on the left isn't finished shown here.

from left to right,

when i get the DerbyDog finished i plan to photograph them better.
then you will see the details, which are pretty cool!

PS, i am also making one of a kind jewelry and healthy dog biscuits all sold here on my ETSY store... link


  1. aw, ro! those are awesome!
    this is one of my favorite kids books. check it out. i think you need it.

  2. So very cool!!!! And I love your enthusiasm around them too.

    Happy Artist + good idea = great art!

  3. I've missed you blogging. So excited you are doing all of this creating and imagining. I love your stuff. You inspire me.