Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 rockets...

i got this little guy at an estate sale, he was in the corner of a basement closet on the floor. he is barely 3 inches big. i drive this certain lady crazy i see on/off through the summer at these things cause i always tend to find the stuff they don't price. they either consider it trash or they overlook it and then she has to give me a price on the fly, i think he was a quarter. he HAD to come home with me. i have him tucked away in a safe place with my other treasures,

this motel is actually still open in a close-by town. i know for a fact i would never stay there but the sign is what i look at every time i drive by. i couldn't even tell you what's on the other side of the road.... and yes it is named after the ol' ABE.

If i would have listened to the person giving me grief about going on this mini adventure i would never have gotten this shot. i cherish the fact that i can think for myself and still went on my walk-about. i met an amazing old guy and got some fabulous shots!

i.heart.graffiti. i can't read it but i sure can look at the color choices, lines, shapes with a sense of wonder at the creativity it took to do this artform. we have railroad tracks nearby and i am treated with a train occasionally with "tags" all over it. this was one train and it made me late for work to grab these but hey, five minutes for joy..... i'll take it every time.

i have a lot of time in the work car, driving, visiting cool little unique towns. one of the multiple favorite parts of my job. i get paid to make art..!


  1. Nice, it is always the most unique things that make the best treasure. What is ones persons trash is another persons treasure.

    Love that 3rd picture!

  2. Awesome stuff rock my art socks off. woot woot

  3. Rocket, I love your stuff. You really are talented!

  4. So I've been looking at these pictures now for the last 10 minutes or so. To keep my attention for that long only means the shit is good. Love em all but really, the last shot is the winner for me.

  5. Dragon, i heart trash treasures.... :)
    Ang, art socks? how come i ain't got any?
    Aneke, thx girly. :) i'm blushing...
    Jude, from you- means a lot. :)

  6. I really like the Lincoln Motel pic. I would never stay there either...seen Psycho too many times.