Tuesday, March 23, 2010

go ahead click on this title, you know you wanna...

i saw a shooting star tonight,

i sold another print from my etsy store... this makes me crazy excited! it sold to a person in Tampa Florida, my dream city to live in. so even if i can't live there my art is gonna!!!

also one of the three art pieces i donated to the Humane Society Auction Dinner sold to a cool older lady whom i saw with it. i went over to her and told her i took the photo in Chicago. (i was walking around randomly by myself while it was sprinkling and took a shot of a bicycle. it was then framed &matted". we start talking and she drops this bomb... ok get this..... dummm dumm dummmmm.... are you holding your breath and sitting down...she says she has an original "ORIGINAL" picasso, yes i said picasso..... the guy who is an artistic genius.. yeah that guy. p.i.c.a.s.s.o. best part, she is hanging her rocket original RIGHT NEXT TO HER ORIGINAL PICASSO!!!!!! holy shitballs. i am hanging next to a picasso! and then she asked me to sign the print for her, could have blown me over with a feather...

i also have a sculpture show that i was asked to be in on April 2. this is exciting since i made two really cool sculptures for it!!! i will share when they are completely finished. just think old toys..... they are soooo fun! i need to price them so they don't sell.... shhhh don't tell "g". lol


  1. Hanging next to an ORIGINAL PICASSO?

    Hello there awesome!

  2. I am proud of you BFF. You should be hanging next to an orginal Picasso. You are my art hero even though you are indeed a terd melon.

  3. Check you out! Wow that is awesome! So thoughts are, after you die, will your art will be worth millions? The best always are ;-)

  4. That is an incredible story! Congrats to you. So did you get an invitation to come over and see your art hung next to Picasso?

  5. Aneke - *giggles*

    WL, terd melon? haha

    Dragon, millions or even more!!! billions!

    Mel, i wish... her hubby wasn't too fond of me(or my sleeveTAT) LOL