Friday, March 19, 2010

great thing if your bored...

go here and tell me which is your favorite. watch all or just a couple, whatever strikes your fancy either by the front image or the title.... LINK ____i am itching to make some shorts, i have five or so shortfilms already planned in my nugget and they want OUT!!!

i may be getting a new camcorder (our 10 yr anniv.), ?, any suggestions? i want something to be able to plug in a microphone to, good quality, and CHEAP CHEAP! i got a little extra for my income tax return so it isn't a lot of moolah to play with. :) and something that is easy to get uploaded! cause what good is a camcorder if it takes an act of god to get the video onto your computer.

the 48hr film festival is coming, i can either join the group of friends locally or do one myself.... which would you suggest? i don't think i work well with others when it comes to film-making... too many heads thinking. so "g" says to do one myself and i kinda like that idea... ? i like the idea of shooting it completely with my iphone and editing it all in imovie!


  1. SL My two favorites are death of photog and rain rain go away.....I have no suggestions about a camcorder....I say do a film by yourself for the 48 hour film festival. ok I am done now butt smear.

  2. Rain Rain is my fav. Carny life always held some mystery to me. Your video along with the song is filled with so much emotion. You have to still feel sorry for the workers.

    So glad you're thinking about getting back into video making. And can't you do both? group and one on your own?

    Cheap camcorder? you must be hi. I have a flip but it's prob just as good as your iphone. But you know, the new Rebel has HD capability. Kill 2 birds there. ;) good luck/have fun/don't get arrested