Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hi there...

thank you for riding ROCKET AIR, and now enjoy the stay!


  1. Always blog for yourself. No one else. Just let it flow from your heart.


  2. I'm probably one of those that you want to try to loose.....too bad bitch....I'm here and staying.

    Now I gotta fix my blogroll.....big sigh.

  3. VK, i heart you! yep this is all good...

    Jude, i would have drug your goofy ass right here. or maybe helped you and your tennis ball covered walker....bwahahaha:) you know i love ya!

  4. I approve of your bucket :)

    PS - Switch to seltzer. I can't handle soda anymore; after seltzer it tastes like a mouthful of syrup.

  5. I love the new space...terd nugget

  6. NK- thx girlie who has chickens,

    Allison- seltzer huh, will give it a go. bucket lists are good!!

    Ang/WL- hey monkey balls. :) if i'm a terd nugget what does that make you for being my bff?

  7. I love your bucket list and look forward to reading in your new home.

  8. I am here for the ride. Promise, won't bring drama on the plane, I try to stay away from it too. Yeah, definatly blog for yourself, forget about everyone else. If they don't like it then they can go somewhere else.

  9. Well SL it makes us the coolest bff's ever no one can stop our coolness. Now that you have started this wonderful, nice, new kick ass blog you should post something else wet noodle....just sayin.

  10. Am I allowed on the plane or do I have to ride in a dog crate in the luggage compartment? :) Just had to ask.

    It's good to have you back around.

  11. This mom, welcome!
    Dragon, exactly!
    Ang, stuff it girl.
    Mel- nope you get the hump in the middle of the back seat.... :) haha