Wednesday, March 31, 2010


so i watched "the box"

"hit a button on a box,
it kills a person you don't know,
you get 1million dollars."

my wife did not watch this so i relayed to her the idea
and asked her what she would do?...

i say i could not push it.
i would want to but know i couldn't.
my wife would push it.
zero hesitation.
i don't fault her for this either.
she is practical and logical.
i am emotional and sentimental.
i said what if it's a baby,
she says stop over analyzing it,
i say how could i not?
she argued people die all the time.
irrelevant i say.
both are lives that i have no hand in creating
or taking.
i don't even believe in god or an afterlife?
yet i couldn't do it?
couldn't decide someone's fate by pushing a button.
is a life worth 1million dollars?
i still don't fault her since i see her logic.
people DO die all the time.
i have been there when some have died,
to see those last minutes,
the last time they will know the love of someone they hold close...
i couldn't do it since i am too damn emotional.

this movie has messed with my psyche and i can't stop thinking about it.
tell me what you would do?
the truth.
no judging any such way on this,
for you or my wife.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


here are the "pull toys"...

the first is a rocket, undecided about the base still... this may change by friday...

and second is the "pull toy 1" complete with windshield! any ideas on a price i should charge for either?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

new short...

this isn't one from my head, just a convenient find from work today...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

go ahead click on this title, you know you wanna...

i saw a shooting star tonight,

i sold another print from my etsy store... this makes me crazy excited! it sold to a person in Tampa Florida, my dream city to live in. so even if i can't live there my art is gonna!!!

also one of the three art pieces i donated to the Humane Society Auction Dinner sold to a cool older lady whom i saw with it. i went over to her and told her i took the photo in Chicago. (i was walking around randomly by myself while it was sprinkling and took a shot of a bicycle. it was then framed &matted". we start talking and she drops this bomb... ok get this..... dummm dumm dummmmm.... are you holding your breath and sitting down...she says she has an original "ORIGINAL" picasso, yes i said picasso..... the guy who is an artistic genius.. yeah that guy. p.i.c.a.s.s.o. best part, she is hanging her rocket original RIGHT NEXT TO HER ORIGINAL PICASSO!!!!!! holy shitballs. i am hanging next to a picasso! and then she asked me to sign the print for her, could have blown me over with a feather...

i also have a sculpture show that i was asked to be in on April 2. this is exciting since i made two really cool sculptures for it!!! i will share when they are completely finished. just think old toys..... they are soooo fun! i need to price them so they don't sell.... shhhh don't tell "g". lol

Friday, March 19, 2010

great thing if your bored...

go here and tell me which is your favorite. watch all or just a couple, whatever strikes your fancy either by the front image or the title.... LINK ____i am itching to make some shorts, i have five or so shortfilms already planned in my nugget and they want OUT!!!

i may be getting a new camcorder (our 10 yr anniv.), ?, any suggestions? i want something to be able to plug in a microphone to, good quality, and CHEAP CHEAP! i got a little extra for my income tax return so it isn't a lot of moolah to play with. :) and something that is easy to get uploaded! cause what good is a camcorder if it takes an act of god to get the video onto your computer.

the 48hr film festival is coming, i can either join the group of friends locally or do one myself.... which would you suggest? i don't think i work well with others when it comes to film-making... too many heads thinking. so "g" says to do one myself and i kinda like that idea... ? i like the idea of shooting it completely with my iphone and editing it all in imovie!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

5 rockets...

i got this little guy at an estate sale, he was in the corner of a basement closet on the floor. he is barely 3 inches big. i drive this certain lady crazy i see on/off through the summer at these things cause i always tend to find the stuff they don't price. they either consider it trash or they overlook it and then she has to give me a price on the fly, i think he was a quarter. he HAD to come home with me. i have him tucked away in a safe place with my other treasures,

this motel is actually still open in a close-by town. i know for a fact i would never stay there but the sign is what i look at every time i drive by. i couldn't even tell you what's on the other side of the road.... and yes it is named after the ol' ABE.

If i would have listened to the person giving me grief about going on this mini adventure i would never have gotten this shot. i cherish the fact that i can think for myself and still went on my walk-about. i met an amazing old guy and got some fabulous shots!

i.heart.graffiti. i can't read it but i sure can look at the color choices, lines, shapes with a sense of wonder at the creativity it took to do this artform. we have railroad tracks nearby and i am treated with a train occasionally with "tags" all over it. this was one train and it made me late for work to grab these but hey, five minutes for joy..... i'll take it every time.

i have a lot of time in the work car, driving, visiting cool little unique towns. one of the multiple favorite parts of my job. i get paid to make art..!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

hi there...

thank you for riding ROCKET AIR, and now enjoy the stay!